Doing Our Part for the Environment

Stewardship of Resources

DS Services of America, Inc. is committed to improving the environment through resource conservation, environmental stewardship and environmental sustainability. We are working to reduce waste, reuse materials and reduce our carbon footprint through innovative packaging and delivery methods.

Environmentally Friendly

Here are some of the ways Primo Water North America is working today for a cleaner tomorrow:

Our Green Efforts

Primo Water North America is dedicated to using high-quality, cost-effective and reusable bottled water containers. We clean and sanitize our 3- & 5-gallon water bottle containers and refill them up to 50 times. Most of these water bottles are recycled at the end of their lives to make carpet, toys, tool handles, bird feeders and other items – which is why they are not typically found in landfills.

*Recycling programs may not be available in your community.