Let's Get Started

If you've recently signed up for our bottled water service, the information below can help you learn more about what to expect.

Scheduling Equipment Set-Up and First Delivery

When you sign up for bottled water delivery service, you can schedule your first water delivery and equipment set-up at your convenience. A route sales representative will personally deliver your bottled water to your home or office, based on your confirmed schedule request, set up your new equipment and educate you about features and equipment usage.

After signing up for bottled water delivery service, you will decide what day you would like your cooler to be set up. A route sales representative will come by your home or office to set up your cooler, drop off your first bottled water delivery and review operation instructions. Cooling and heating systems of the cooler will be verified and proper bottle handling and NO-SPILL features will be discussed.

Contract and Initial Bill

On the first visit, your route sales representative will bring your contract and review product descriptions, pricing and promotional plans. You will also receive your welcome brochure and additional product brochures. Your invoice will be due every 4 weeks.

Communicating with Your Route Sales Representative

During your initial set-up, you will decide with your route sales representative where to leave your empty bottles and where the new water bottles will be placed. You will also receive a branded note pad that can be used to leave messages for your route sales representative on your delivery day. You can also share requests with your route sales representative in person during biweekly delivery visits.

The day before each delivery, you will receive a reminder call that your route sales representative will be stopping by the next day. You should leave your empty water bottles in the designated drop-off spot the morning of your delivery day. To make adjustments to your service, please update your order online, leave a note on your returnable bottles, send an email to customerservice@dsservices.com or call customer service at 800.4.WATERS.