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Why water filtration?

Water is essential to our lives. Healthy hydration is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain and muscles. To ward off dehydration, health professionals recommend that healthy people should consume around 50-60 ounces of clean water per day. Our systems provide the following benefits to help you stay hydrated:

High Quality

Purer water for drinking, cooking and pets. Tastier brewed coffee and tea, too!


Unlimited supply of clean water.

Cost Efficiency

Nothing to reorder or reload.

Ease of Use

No water bottles to lift or store.


Connects to your existing water supply.

Pure water for your family.

While the water in your home may look clean, it's not unusual for your home water supply to contain contaminants such as sediment, minerals and chemicals. A PureFlo® home water filtration system ensures clean, pure water for drinking, cooking, pets – even watering plants.

Exceptional service makes the difference.

You can rely on PureFlo® to keep your water filtration system running smoothly. Our Relyant® equipment service team continually monitors the data and performance from your system to ensure top-notch filtration results. Our highly trained technicians will proactively respond and schedule any maintenance required to ensure your system continually delivers fresh and safe hydration to your family or employees.

Clean drinking water at your office.

Healthy hydration is a key component of workplace productivity and safety. Our brains are about 70% water. Even mild dehydration can impact mood, fatigue, cognitive brain function and reduced levels of alertness. Your colleagues and business deserve and rely on access to healthy hydration solutions.

Floor Model


Under Sink

Hydration solution options.

A water filtration system connects to your existing water supply to reduce potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in your source water. Our system removes those potential contaminants so that your body doesn't have to. You get fresh and safe drinking water every time. PureFlo® offers three options to fit your space and needs.