Dedicated to Fighting Breast Cancer

We're Fighting Breast Cancer

In our lifetime, we've seen some amazing advances in breast cancer prevention and treatment. But as many of us have experienced personally, it remains the most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women.1 That's why we support breast cancer awareness, care, education and research through sales of Athena® bottled water, Created for the Cause®.

You Can Join the Fight

You can join the fight against breast cancer. Purchases of Athena® bottled water have raised $2 million to fight breast cancer, for breast cancer awareness, care, education and research – all through proceeds from the sale of Athena® bottled water! But the good work won't stop there. Additional initiatives along the way include product donations for breast cancer outreach events, employee-giving programs, and associate and customer participation in community fund-raising events. Help us as we raise another $1 million or more by 2016.

Together, it's just one more way we can all make a difference.

Visit Athena Water to find out more.

1 "Cancer Among Women," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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