Cold drinks stay cold.

Cold drinks stay cold, thanks to our wide array of plastic and paper cups in a variety of convenient sizes from 5 to 20 ounces to handle any size drink and make sure all-day refreshment is there when you reach for it.

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Hot drinks stay hot.

If your coffee or tea is lukewarm when you take a sip, it's just not as good as that first piping-hot pour. Keep your hot beverages at the perfect temperature with our wide selection of sturdy paper cups, easy-grip sleeves and plastic lids.

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Make your coffee your own every time.

Customization is key to the perfect cup of coffee or tea. So who knows better than you how to personalize your favorite beverage? Reach for our sweeteners, creamers and stir sticks and let your inner barista make it right every time.

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Complete beverage refreshment is yours to enjoy.

From a wide variety of refreshing bottled water, flavorful coffees and delicious teas to the perfect assortment of breakroom-style accessories for the Home and Office, Primo Water North America® is there to ensure your total refreshment every day, all year long.

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