Great products from your new service provider

Welcome to Crystal Springs®!

We are delighted that you're now part of our family of valued customers. Whether it's service for your home, office or both, we're excited to be your new beverage provider.

At Crystal Springs, we're more than great water. With a full offering of preferred bottled water, coffee, tea and filtration products, we provide complete refreshment and convenience. From the first sip to the last drop, our beverage delivery service is designed to simplify your life.

We are committed to your satisfaction. If our team can improve your experience, please reach out to us at 800-311-7365 or We encourage your questions and feedback.

Customer Care Team

You have questions? We have answers.

What Happens Next?

Effective January 29, 2024, all of the beverage deliveries you've been receiving from Tyler Mountain Water will be provided by Crystal Springs®. Our goal during this transition is to ensure that you are up to date on any changes and understand the additional benefits available to you.

What You Can Expect

In the coming weeks, we'll be in touch with you via email, keeping you updated on how to get the most from your water delivery service.

Continued Great Service

We will deliver Crystal Springs products as well as an array of new premium bottled water products.

Delivery Schedule

As we make this transition, your delivery day, and delivery person will remain the same. To view your new delivery schedule, go to and create your online account .

Invoices & Account Number

Our invoices are aligned with our delivery cycle, so you will receive one invoice every 28 days. You will also receive a new customer account number. This number can be found on your welcome letter, welcome email or your Crystal Springs invoice. Please refer to this number when setting up your online account or communicating with our Customer Care team.

Paperless Billing

Go green and save money! If you sign up to receive electronic invoices, it will help you avoid the $6 fee charged for processing, handling and mailing paper invoices. We waive this fee for the first 90 days to give you time to sign up and avoid this charge. If you currently receive electronic invoices with Tyler Mountain Water, you will continue to receive e-invoices from Crystal Springs.

Payment Methods

To simplify your billing routine, sign up for AutoPay using a debit or credit card to set up recurring payments. You can also pay your bill by mail or online, using the MyWater+ app or by calling us at 800-311-7365.

Invoices and rent billed during your first statement period will be charged to your credit card. After that, invoices will be charged at the time of delivery. To cover the cost of the credit card acceptance, we will pass on a 3% credit card surchage. This surcharge is not more than the cost of accepting these cards. If you currently use a credit card for AutoPay, we will waive this fee for 90 days to allow for a new payment method to be provided. There is no surcharge for debit cards.

You have questions? We have answers.
Why use the My Water+ App?

Why Use the My Water+ App?

After you set up your Crystal Springs® account online or by phone, we encourage you to download the MyWater+ app so you can easily pay your bill and communicate with us about your account. You can view, change or skip your upcoming deliveries and recurring orders, and search and shop for new products.

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Why use the My Water+ App?
Will my product choices or pricing change?

Will my product choices
or pricing change?

Your pricing will not change at this time – you'll be billed the same amount as before.

We will deliver Crystal Springs® products as well as an array of new premium bottled water products.

In terms of product mix, we'll do our best to maintain the same assortment. If we feel a change in product choices or pricing is necessary, we'll let you know about the change by letter or email. We'll also offer a recommendation for a replacement product that we think you'll enjoy just as much.

Will my product choices or pricing change?
How do I order other beverages and services?

How do I order other
beverages and services?

We have many great beverage brands and options for you. In addition to bottled water, we also deliver coffee and tea, and we provide water filtration services and more. We serve homes and offices, so selection varies based on your account type.

If you need to stock up or are having a party, it's easy to increase or change your order. Or if you'd like to try something new, we have lots of refreshing choices for you.

Explore what's available for you
Or call us at 800-311-7365.
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 9:00 pm ET

How do I order other beverages and services?

Customer subject to CA CRV or applicable state bottle deposits on free and purchased cases.

How does delivery service work?

How does Crystal Springs®
delivery service work?

Build Your Order
Select the bottled water products and quantities you would like us to deliver.

Get It Delivered
You'll receive bottled water delivery on your scheduled delivery date.

Put Out Empty Bottles
On your delivery day, leave your empty bottles outside and we'll pick them up.

Update Your Order
If you want to change your order, adjust your delivery or try something new, use the MyWater+ app or your online account to let us know.

How does delivery service work?
How do I set up my account?

How do I set up my account?

Want to check your delivery schedule, change your order or sign up for paperless billing? The easiest way to manage your account is online. All you need to get started is your Crystal Springs® account number, located on your welcome letter, welcome email or invoice.

Set up your online account now

How do I set up my account?

How does billing work?


Our invoices are aligned with our delivery cycle, so you will receive one invoice every 28 days.

Many Ways to Pay

You can pay your bill online, using our MyWater+ app, by mail or by calling Customer Care at 800-311-7365

How can I sign up for AutoPay?

You're already enjoying the convenience of beverage delivery service. Now you can simplify your life even more with a hassle-free bill-paying routine.

To sign up for AutoPay, visit and click on "My Account" to choose your method of payment. You'll receive an email when your invoice is ready, and your payment will be automatically applied. Just set it and forget it!

Set up your online account and sign up for AutoPay

How does billing work?
RSR Truck

Will I be charged for bottle deposits?

A refundable bottle deposit for 2.5-, 3- and 5-gallon bottles will apply. This charge will be credited to your account as each empty bottle is returned.

Will I be charged a delivery fee?

Like many delivery companies, we add a fee to each delivery to help cover the cost of delivering products to your home or office.

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I still need help. What do I do?

We're happy to assist. You can always speak to your delivery person when he or she stops by, or you can leave a note for your delivery person on your empty bottles. You can also reach us using any of the options below.



Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 9:00 pm ET

Important Information for Filtration Customers

Welcome to Primo Water! We're delighted to have you as a water filtration customer. If you are a filtration customer, over the coming months, we will be stopping by to make sure your filtration system is working properly. If you need service before our planned visit, please reach out to Customer Care at 800-311-7365.

Primo Water offers all the latest filtration technology, and you may want to consider upgrading your equipment. (Note that if you upgrade, additional charges may apply.) If you're interested, our team can explain your options to you. In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-311-7365 or